We are currently witnessing how the European peace order is being destroyed by Putin's war of aggression and how millions of people are seeking protection in other countries.

As in 2015, civil society is ready to support refugees and does everything it can to welcome them well. The wide range of experiences and skills that people have in our diverse society will also help.

In view of the cruel suffering in the Ukraine, however, we must not forget the people who, for example, have been hoping for months to find rescue in Afghanistan and neighboring countries or who have been hoping here, often for years, for family reunification for their loved ones.

As different as the stories, fates and paths of refugees from around the world are, they share the same human dignity. We are committed to this dignity, and we must do everything we can to ensure that it is upheld and respected. This includes welcoming refugees and not allowing divisions to develop in our society between different groups of refugees. The right to seek refuge in a safe place cannot be divided.

In more than 500 cities and communities, the Intercultural Week is taking place under the motto #offengeht. In Landshut, more than 30 organizations are again participating in the action weeks for a better togetherness and are looking forward to their visit.  

The program of the 35th Intercultural Weeks in Landshut: www.landshut-interkulturell.de

Infos zu den IKW

35. Interkulturelle Wochen von 23.9.22 bis 16.10.22

Hier gibt's das Plakat und den Programmflyer zum Download:

Organisation + Kontakt:
Haus International
Verband für interkulturelle Begegnung, Bildung und Beratung e.V.
Orbankai 3-4
84028 Landshut
Tel. 0871 31947480

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